Why use an Industrial Air Unit Heater?

When it comes to industrial heating, safety should always be the top priority. Explosion-proof industrial air heaters, like Ruffneck units, provide peace of mind in hazardous areas by minimizing the risk of fire or explosion. These heaters are designed and certified for use in environments with flammable gases, vapors, and dust. Additionally, industrial air heaters offer a cost-effective solution for heating large industrial spaces.

Ruffneck Air Unit Heater

What sets these heater units apart from others?

1. They're built to be explosion-proof and save for hazardous locations.

Explosion-proof industrial air heaters are designed and built to withstand explosions. They're made with heavy-duty materials that can withstand high temperatures and pressures, so you can rest assured that your heater can continue to run properly even in environments that are considered hazardous locations. They provide efficient heating and industrial-grade durability.

Not only do industrial air heaters provide efficient heating for large industrial spaces, they're also built to withstand the rough conditions of industrial environments. These heaters are made with durable materials like galvanized steel and stainless steel to ensure a long lifespan.

Image of flammable or hazardous material

2. They have safety features to prevent explosions.

In addition to being built to withstand explosions, explosion-proof industrial air heaters also have safety features that help prevent explosions. For example, they have pressure relief valves that release pressure build-up before it gets too high and thermal cut-offs that shut off the heater if it gets too hot.

Having a backup system like this in place is crucial to preventing potentially dangerous situations and keeping your employees safe. Whether in industrial buildings or commercial spaces, it is important to put focus on the safety of your process applications.

3. They're tested to meet strict safety standards.

All explosion-proof industrial air heaters are required to meet strict safety standards set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). It is important to know the requirements that exist for hazardous areas & explosive atmospheres. These standards ensure that heaters are designed and built properly and have the necessary safety features to prevent explosions.

4. They improve efficiency

Another benefit of explosion-proof air heaters is that they're often more efficient than other types of heaters. That's because they're able to better contain the heat they generate. That means less heat is lost to the surrounding area, which can help you save money on your energy bills.

$6,759.43 USD

FX6 Explosion-Proof Forced Air Heater w/ Thermostat - Temp Code T3B

5. They can have longer lifespans

Explosion-proof air heaters also tend to have a longer lifespan than other heaters. They're built to withstand rough conditions and aren't as susceptible to wear and tear which will increase heater life. That means you can count on your explosion-proof air heater to last many years, even with heavy use.

6. They have low maintenance requirements and easy installation. 

Industrial air heaters require little maintenance and can easily be installed in your facility. Plus, many models offer customizable options like remote thermostat control for added convenience.

In conclusion, explosion-proof industrial air heaters like Ruffneck units offer the safest option for industrial heating in hazardous locations.

Image of a construction worker in hazardous location

It is clear to see that an explosion-proof Air Unit Heater will solve your heating needs.

When considering process air heaters, explosion-proof industrial air heaters are the safest option for heating your warehouse or other hazardous areas because they're built to withstand explosions, they have safety features to prevent explosions, and they're tested to meet strict safety standards. When it comes to keeping your employees safe, there's no better option than an explosion-proof industrial air heater.  Consider investing in one for your industrial heating needs. To learn more about explosion-proof industrial air heaters, contact us today.


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