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30 Gallon Insulated Drum Heater 100°F Fixed (120V)

The Powerblanket Model BH30-RR is a full wrap insulated 30 gallon drum heater utilizing GreenHeat Technology and featuring Rapid-Ramp (RR) technology which cuts heat time in half.The Powerblanket Model BH30-RR...

BRAND: Powerblanket


$713.00 $620.00

30 Gallon Insulated Drum Heater 145°F Adjustable Thermostat (120V)

The Powerblanket Model BH30-PRO is a full wrap insulated 30 gallon drum heater utilizing GreenHeat Technology. Effective heating from 0°F to 145°F with adjustable thermostatic controller for pinpoint temperature control.The...

BRAND: Powerblanket


$1,144.00 $995.00

30 Gallon Explosion-Proof Drum Heater C1D2 (120V)

Explosion-proof 30 Gallon Drum Heater - Certified by ETL to UL, CE, CSA Safety Standards for Class 1 Division 2 areas. Safely heat hazardous materials.CBBH30-C1D2T4 - Custom 30 Gallon Drum...

BRAND: HEAT Authority



If you require a dependable and consistent source of heat for your 30-gallon drums full of liquid, look no further than our 30-gallon drum heaters. Whether you're looking for an option to fit into a tight space or one that will provide reliable warmth, we have just the drum heater for you. And many are fitted specifically for the dimensions of a 30-gallon drum.

To maintain optimal performance, many liquids like paints, coatings, and adhesives require a specific viscosity. If the liquid is too thick, it won't flow well; if it's too thin, it can't hold its shape. Some companies rely on extra thick layers of drum wraps to help with this, but temperature control with these materials is not as specific or controlled as it could be. And sometimes even leaves room for hot and cold spots.

Maintaining the desired temperature with consistent heat with industrial drum heaters guarantees that these products will match the requirements of their application resulting in significant time and money saved. Take a look at our inventory, and we do not doubt that you will find a 30-gallon drum heater that will fit your container and your needs.

We know how essential it is to maintain accurate temperatures when handling temperature-sensitive materials. That's why these industrial drum heaters are the most efficient way to keep your business on schedule and prevent the contents of your 30-gallon drum. With a 30-gallon capacity, our heaters can accommodate a range of materials, including honey, resins, and chemicals. With the insulated full-wrap design, each 30-gallon drum heater covers the entire surface of your barrels.

A drum heater can be used on steel drums and will maintain a consistent maximum temperature to avoid any temperature issues and to avoid overheating. So before you start your next project, ensure you are equipped with a drum heater that is made with the intention of durability and thermostat control. This way, you won't face any delay issues for heating your 30-gallon drum.

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At Heat Authority, we pride ourselves on creating products that are not only effective but also affordable. Our barrel and drum heaters have become popular with warehouse managers, construction contractors, utility excavators, and manufacturers.

If you need a dependable temperature control product, look to Heat Authority. We have a large inventory, including our American-made Powerblanket products, that are always safe and reliable.

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