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Extra Hot Thawing Blankets 100° - 155°FFeature Products

4' x 15' XXhot RapidTHAW Heated Ground Thawing 120V, 20A Outdoor Electric Blanket

RapidTHAW™ 4'x15' HIGH HEAT rugged outdoor thawing blankets are ideal for the toughest conditions. 20AMP Outlet RequiredRT0415 - 4' x 15' Heated Ground Thawing Blanket - 20 Amp Circuit RequiredRapidTHAW™...
$1,399.00 $550.00
Curing & Thawing BlanketsExtra Hot Thawing Blankets 100° - 155°F

4' x 9' XXhot RapidTHAW Heated Ground Thawing 120V Outdoor Electric Blanket

RapidTHAW™ 4'x9' HIGH HEAT rugged outdoor thawing blankets are ideal for the toughest weather conditions. Roll it out, plug it in and start thawing stubborn ice and frozen ground in...
$825.00 $595.00
CureMAXCuring & Thawing Blankets

ProMAX Optional Digital Adjustable Thermostatic Controller (15 Amps) For Heated Construction Blankets

ProMAX PM-TC is an adjustable, thermostatic controller. Use in conjunction with any 15 Amp Thawing & Curing blanket product for greater temperature control.The PM-TC Digital Electronic Temperature Controller is a...
$195.00 $145.00

RapidTHAW™ electrically heated thawing blankets are the HOTTEST & HIGHEST WATTAGE blankets available on the market today. Ground> are able to reach temperatures of 155°F and higher, cold weather work just got a whole lot easier. These HIGH HEAT Blankets are available exclusively from Heat Authority and are built tough for the extreme cold outdoor conditions you work in. RapidTHAW insulated heat blankets are weather-proof, water-resistant, and built to last for years of dependable, HIGH HEAT use.

The HOTTEST Thawing Blankets on the Market! 150°F of ground thawing power!

  • Thaw underground water lines & other utilities
  • Thaw frozen ground prior to trenching
  • Pre-heat work surfaces & materials
  • Ideal for Home Owners & Construction Workers alike
  • Weather-proof, Water-resistant, Built to last
  • Freeze protection for pipes, plumbing, pumps & machinery – ALL WINTER LONG!