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CureMAX™ 4'x15' Concrete Curing / 90°F Heated 120V Construction Blanket, UL/CSA

CureMAX 4' x 15' Concrete Curing Blanket Lowest Price heated blanket on the market.The CureMAX™ line of concrete curing heated blankets take the sting out of any cold weather construction...
$999.00 $795.00

CureMAX™ 4'x9' Concrete Curing / 120V Heated Construction Blanket, UL/CSA

The CureMAX™ CC0409 outdoor heated construction blanket provides a full 36/SF of superior curing power to users worldwide. Cure concrete in sub zero temperatures, wrap tanks & silos, freeze protection...
$819.00 $650.00

4' x 15' Masonry Heated Blanket

Masonry heat blankets provide superior thawing and curing capability to masons worldwide. Thaw frozen ground, cure concrete in sub zero temperatures, wrap tanks & silos, freeze protection for pipes and...
$903.00 $745.00

CureMAX™ Multi-Purpose HEAT & CURE electric construction blankets provide heat when and where contractors need it. The winter elements don't need to stop your next concrete pour or masonry project. Put the heat where you need it. CureMAX™ heated concrete blankets have been proven across the Continental United States, Canada and Alaska. Accept no substitutes! When you need to keep your project on track and on budget, CureMAX™ electric concrete curing and freeze protection blankets from Heat Authority are the obvious choice. Heat Authority is your #1 source in North America for heated curing & ground thawing technology! Buy CureMAX™ Thermal Blankets here. Keep your crews working and concrete projects on schedule. CureMAX heated construction blankets are manufactured with construction grade materials for a tough exterior and "long-life" dependability! ETL certified to UL/CSA safety standards. Buy heated electric> here -

  • CureMAX is engineered for use in both warm and cold climates.
  • CureMAX protects concrete from rapid drying, freezing, and cracking during the hydration process.
  • CureMAX is a lightweight portable design making them a favorite for both large and small scale projects.
  • CureMAX delivers a barrier of warmth that traps heat & moisture, producing a higher grade product in record time.
  • CureMAX increases PSI levels & decreases defects during wet-cure process, maintaining an optimal cure environment.
  • CureMAX is also used for freeze protection, heating construction materials, tank & silo heating... and frozen underground pipes.
  • Say goodbye to portable heaters, open flames, chemical hardeners, tenting, delays and work stoppage. Cold weather got you frustrated? CureMAX can help!