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55 Gallon C1D2 Drum Heater - Explosion Proof, 120V

Explosion-proof 55 Gallon Drum Heater - Certified by ETL to UL, CE, CSA Safety Standards for Class 1 Division 2 areas. Safely heat hazardous materials.CBBH55-C1D2T4 - Custom 55 Gallon Drum...
$3,200.00 $2,550.00

Hazardous Area 55 Gal. Drum Heater - Intrinsically Safe - C1D1Z1, Model 55HAZ

ThermoSAFE Hazardous Area Drum Heaters are CE, ATEX, IECEx and UL Certified for Class 1, Zone 1 use in flammable and explosive areas. Explosion-Proof & Intrinsically Safe Drum Heater by...

BriskHeat® Hazardous Location Class 1 Div 1 (Groups B,C,D) 15in x 43in Model HCW15431501

Self-regulating grounded heating element. 150 o F (66 o C) maximum exposure temperature on heating surface. Gas Cylinder Warmer - Class I, Division 1 (HCW Series) Product Highlights Improves Process...
$2,596.00 $1,997.00
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Explosion-Proof 275 Gallon IBC Tote Heater w/Top Lid Cover - 120V, C1D2T4 Rated, Model CBTH275-C1D2T4

Intrinsically Safe, Explosion-Proof 275 Gallon IBC Tote Heater. Certified C1D2T4 for Safe and Effective Tote Heating in Hazardous Areas.(CBTH275-C1D2T4) - Custom 275 Gallon IBC Tote Heater Certified for a Class...
$5,275.00 $4,645.00
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Tote Heater For Hazardous Area - Intrinsically Safe IBC Tote Heater 275/330 Gallon - Class 1 Zone 1

Class 1, Zone 1 Tote heater for hazardous area by InteliHeat. Explosion-Proof.SHIPPING CHARGES WILL APPLY. CALL FOR DETAILS 1-866-805-HEATSafe heating of IBC Totes even in hazardous areas.IBC Tote wall temperatures...
$5,350.00 $4,905.00
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Hazloc Heaters Explosion-proof XEU1-12-050

The XEU1 series of explosion-proof electric unit heaters are designed to meet U.S. and Canadian certification standards (cCSAus).The three sizes of XEU1 heaters include our ExCaliber™ high performance liquid-to-air heat-exchanger...
$4,386.00 $3,705.00
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HazLoc Built-in Thermostat. Model XEU1-BTX1-N-A

BTX1-N-A – Bi-metal Explosion-Proof Thermostat.(North American approvals – cCSAus)For heating or cooling applications.For hazardous-location air temperature control rely on the Hazloc Heaters™ BTX1 ExCaliber™ series of bi-metal explosion-proof thermostats for...
$395.00 $355.00

BriskHeat® Hazardous Location Class 1 Div 1 (Groups B,C,D) 8in x 48in Model HCW8481501

Gas Cylinder Warmer. Keep your gas cylinder at optimal temperatures. Gas Cylinder Warmer - Class I, Division 1 (HCW Series) Product Highlights Improves Process Control and Reduces Wasted Condensed Gas...
$2,338.00 $1,799.00

Properly control the temperature of your IBC & Stainless Steel Totes in Hazardous Locations.

Intrinsic Safety is a design technique applied to electrical equipment and wiring for hazardous locations. The technique is based on limiting energy, (electrical and thermal), to a level below that required to ignite a specific hazardous atmospheric (or contained) mixture.

It is not always possible to exclude flammable substances such as methane, coal dust in mines, petrol, or other materials from the work place. In such cases, protection and safety are provided by equipment which is reliably explosion-proof. At Heat Authority, we stock and manufacture the most reliable products for hazardous locations.

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