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330 Gallon IBC Tote Heater & Top Lid Cover High Temp 1800W - Digital Controller

CHR 330 Gallon (53" High) Model IBC-330G-120V Tote Heater with silicon insulated heating elements.Heats to 165°F.The Heat Authority 330 Gallon (53" High) CHR IBC Tote Heater with silicon insulated heating...
$1,948.70 $1,630.00
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Powerblanket® TH330 IBC Tote Heater w/Top Lid Cover - 330 Gallon 120V

Powerblanket tote heater with top coverPowerblanket® TH330 - Insulated Electric 330 Gallon IBC Tote Heater, 120 Volt, 1440 Watt, 12 Amp includes digital thermostatic controller for easy temperate regulation from...
$2,067.00 $1,654.00
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Corn Syrup IBC Tote Heater - 275 Gallon, 120V, 1440W - Insulated Top Lid Included

Quickly warm Corn Syrup and other viscous materials to desired temperatures with the ProMAX IBC Tote Heater. Universal one-size fits ALL - 220, 250, 275, 330 Gallon and larger IBC...
$1,743.00 $1,250.00
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IBC Universal Tote Heater & Top Lid Cover High Temp 1440W - ProMAX Model PM-TOTE Digital Controller

Universal Size IBC Tote Heater. Includes insulated top lid & digital programmable thermostat. New to market is the ProMAX PM-TOTE universal size IBC Tote Heater with silicon insulated heating elements....
$1,613.00 $1,550.00
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Powerblanket® TH350 IBC Tote Heater w/Top Lid Cover - 350 Gallon 120V, for Stainless Tanks

Powerblanket tote heater with top lid coverPowerblanket® TH350 - Insulated Electric 350 Gallon IBC Tote Heater, 120 Volt, 1440 Watt, 12.0 Amp. Designed to work with 350 Gallon Snyder Stainless...
$2,468.00 $1,960.00

275 Gallon IBC Tote Heater High Temp 3600W & Top Lid Cover - CHR Model IBC-275-3600 DUAL HEAT ZONE

DUAL ZONE 275 Gallon (46" High) model IBC-275-3600 IBC Tote Heater with silicon insulated heating elements. Insulated Top Lid Cover is included. Double the power. Heat in half the time.Heats...
$1,957.00 $1,795.00

350 Gallon Stainless IBC Tote Heating Jacket, Ultra 1800 Watt - Model HA350MAX, 165°F MAX TEMP

Introducing the CHR 350 Gallon IBC Stainless Tote Heated IBC Jacket. Model HA350-MAX, both 120 or 240 Volt available. This MAX model comes with 1800 Watts of heating power and...
$2,535.00 $1,850.00
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Powerblanket® TH275G IBC Tote Heater w/Top Lid Cover - 275 Gallon 120V

275 Gallon IBC Tote Heater with Adjustable Thermostatic Controller & Insulated Top Cover. 120V, 1440W.Xtreme Gray Alloy Vinyl is cold crack rated to -40°F.Powerblanket Xtreme TH275G - Insulated Electric 275...
$1,895.00 $1,576.00

You need reliable and durable drum & tote heaters to control the temperature of temperature-sensitive and viscous materials during cold months.

We are North America’s largest supplier of industrial tote heaters, drum heaters, and tank & silo heaters. Choose from a variety of reputable and innovative brands of heaters that are designed for DEF, petroleum, food products, and nearly every other chemical storage totes.

Our IBC Tote Heaters and Tote Heating Pads come from top manufacturers including ProMAX, Powerblanket, BriskHeat, and CHR IBC Series featuring Woven Dupont Nomex & Silicone Insulated Heating Elements.

Is your tote tank product too thick to pour or pump due to cold temperatures? We can help by heating and thinning heavy viscous IBC tote liquids prior to pouring and pumping.

Our FULL-WRAP tote warming jackets fit all sizes from 100 to 1000 gallon totes.

Why do I need an IBC tote heater?

  • To provide freeze protection to your temperature-sensitive materials
  • To protect your drums and containers against the harsh winter weather
  • To save money and time by preventing the waste of valuable materials
  • To prevent viscosity or contamination of your liquid materials


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