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Caloritech Heating Element Replacement

Replacement Heating Element for Caloritech Heater. Voltage: 240 Wattage: 3.8 KW

BRAND: Caloritech


$150.00 $130.00

Caloritech™ WXL112 Duct Heaters Designed to Heat Air & (NH) Gases in Process Ducts

Caloritech™ High-Temperature Industrial Electric Duct Heater Model No. Volts Wattage W/in2 Weight WXL175 600V – 3Ø 175 kW 27.5 310 lbs. WXL112 480V – 3Ø 112 kW 17.6 310 lbs....

BRAND: Caloritech


$13,748.00 $12,499.00

Caloritech™ WXL175 Duct Heaters Designed to Heat Air & (NH) Gases in Process Ducts

Caloritech™ High-Temperature Industrial Electric Duct Heater Model No. Volts Wattage W/in2 Weight WXL175 600V – 3Ø 175 kW 27.5 310 lbs. WXL112 480V – 3Ø 112 kW 17.6 310 lbs....

BRAND: Caloritech


$15,948.00 $14,499.00

Caloritech Electric Heaters

Caloritech™ electric process heaters, heating elements, and heating accessories are well-known in the industry for their quality, reliability, performance, and versatility.


Caloritech™ Screwplug Heaters

Caloritech Screwplug Heater

Looking for a reliable and efficient solution to your liquid heating needs? Look no further than Caloritech™ Screwplug immersion heaters, designed with unbeatable quality, reliability, and performance. These versatile heaters are ideal for providing uniform and safe temperature control in various industrial applications. Their durability means they can be used for a long time without risk of damage or overheating.

Using natural convection currents, these custom-designed and manufactured Screwplug immersion heaters will provide efficient heating capabilities for liquids such as water, oils, and trichloroethylene – name it! The heavy-duty materials ensure continued dependability and prolonged longevity even when used under the toughest conditions. Accessible and flexible to install, Caloritech™ allows you to enjoy superior temperature control without the hassle and worry-free maintenance.

So don't wait any longer and get on board with Caloritech™ Screwplug immersion heaters - the key to superior and consistent heating solutions!



Screwplug heaters are primarily used to heat liquids in tanks or vessels. To do so safely and reliably requires that the heating elements remain fully immersed in the liquid. Liquids such as water, oils, trichloroethylene, etc., can be heated through natural convection currents created by the immersed elements. Although electricity costs are generally higher than gas or oil, it can be demonstrated that a Caloritech™ immersion heater is often your best choice. The electric heater provides close to 100% efficiency, is safer and easier to control, and is usually cheaper to install.


Listed heaters have standard 1" to 2 1/2" NPT tapered plugs. Any other size or type of plug is available on special order. The heater is installed through a threaded half coupling located in the vessel wall well below the minimum liquid level but spaced sufficiently above the bottom to allow for sludge build-up, which should never be allowed to cover any part of the elements. 

Horizontal installation is preferred even though heater replacement will require draining the tank. 

Vertical installation is sometimes possible, but you should contact the factory for advice before purchasing.


Caloritech Forced Air Unit Heaters

When it comes to providing reliable, efficient heating solutions in industrial and commercial settings, Caloritech Forced Air Unit Heaters are the clear favorites. With models specifically designed for regular-duty and heavy-duty use, these heaters provide optimal temperature control for factories, warehouses, parking garages, stadiums, corridors, and much more.

Designed for Application in Non-Hazardous Environments

- Mine shafts
- Pulp and paper mills
- Hoist houses
- Welding shops
- Maintenance shops
- Sewage treatment plants
- Chemical plants
- Repair shops
- Wash down areas
- Weigh scale pits
- Elevator shafts
- High-humidity areas
- Crane cabs

Caloritech™ Forced Air Unit Product Features 

    - 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, and 50 kW units
    - 40 and 50 kW units incorporate split loads (50%) for remotely controlled energy management systems
    - Factory-installed transformers, contactors, and thermostats where specified
    - Individually adjustable louvers
    - Factory-balanced aluminum fan blade
    - Fan delay in ON and OFF cycles
    - Full-sized control panel with hinged removable door, constructed to EEMAC 12 standards
    - Continuous fan terminals for connection to the remote switch
    - 14-gauge steel cabinet
    - Epoxy painted (ASA61 Grey) for superior resistance to corrosion
    - 1/3 HP motor with sealed ball bearings and enclosed construction
    - Ceiling mounting bracket supplied
    - Motor mounted outside of the element bundle eliminating premature failure due to overheating and providing easy access for motor maintenance
    - Elements are robust Caloritech™ type KX finned tubular sheathed type with epoxy sealed terminals to eliminate contamination from moisture and airborne impurities


    What sets Caloritech™ innovative products apart is their robust design and top-quality construction. Not only do these unit heaters exceed competitive models in terms of performance and safety standards, but they also save energy thanks to their intelligent design.

    Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-install solution that effectively heats your large work or shopping area or need a unit that can withstand harsh conditions found in livestock buildings, Caloritech Forced Air Unit Heaters have you covered.

    Don’t waste your money on inferior products – choose the top-of-the-line option with Caloritech Forced Air Unit Heaters today!  They’re ready to meet all your needs: no matter how big or small.