Intrinsically Safe Heaters can be used for a wide variety of applications in warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants, mines and oil refineries.  Hazardous area electric process heating and control systems help regulate temperature in hazardous locations where open flames are not permitted.  These heaters are most often useful in the most challenging conditions from highly corrosive environments, offshore oil rigs to remote desert conditions where high and low temperatures vary greatly.  This article will focus on heaters for the following containers and/or hazardous locations:

  • IBC Tote & Drum Heaters
  • Gas Cylinder & Propane Tanks
  • Warehouse Forced Air & Radiant Heaters

IBC Tote & drum Heaters:

Hazardous Area and Explosion-Proof Heaters for Drums and IBC Totes are designed for freeze protection, melting of solids, viscosity control and maintaining drum/tote contents at an elevated temperature.  These Hazardous location blanket heaters utilize a wrap-around design with straps and buckles to securely hold the blanket heater against the wall of the drum or tote.  Depending on requirements and location protocol, adjustable thermostat controllers may or may not be appropriate.

Hazardous Location Tote HeatersHazardous Location Drum Heaters


Gas Cylinder & Propane Tanks

Heat Authority EX series hazardous area heating blankets are manufactured with built-in high-limit thermostats designed to keep the blanket below high-limit safety temperatures per NEC article 500 T-Ratings. Gas cylinders are used extensively in chemical plants, mining and other facilities where open flames are not permitted, and the presence of flammable gases and vapors are present.

Hazardous area classification are very technical methods of determining where and when an explosive environment may be present. Standards and codes used in these classification processes provide guidance for selecting, building, and installing electrical equipment in that area. In general, hazardous areas (HAs) can be defined by:

  • Type of hazard and/or hazardous materials
  • Likelihood of its presence in flammable concentrations
  • Auto-ignition temperatures of the hazardous materials

Explosive atmospheres are created by gases or vapors, dust, and even fibers. Methane-based hazards continue to dominate the gas-fired generation sector, whereas spontaneous combustion of coal dust can plague facilities fired by that fuel.  The probability that any hazard exists in combustible concentration is determined by the specifics of the plant or system under consideration.  Hazardous area heating jackets for gas cylinders, bottles and containers allow plants and facilities to meet safety regulations without slowing down production or compromising safety.

Warehouse Forced Air & Radiant Heaters:


Ruffneck Electric Air Unit Heater

Heating warehouses and factories for hazardous locations require liquid-to-air heat-exchangers and other methods to produce high output heating without compromising safety or facility regulations.  These heaters are designed to meet U.S. and Canadian certification standards including class and zone classifications. Technology that incorporates high quality immersion heaters, high performance fan and motor assemblies, sturdy 14 GA steel cabinets with epoxy/polyester powder-coating for corrosion resistance, and large control enclosure with extra ports for conveniently wiring of external room thermostat, and enclosure have become our standard offering here at Heat Authority. These heaters are suitable for a wide variety of applications that include oil & gas drilling rigs, petrochemical facilities, refineries, chemical storage and handling facilities, paint storage areas, sewage treatment plants, aircraft servicing areas, grain elevators, coal preparation areas, mines, off and on-shore platforms, and other areas containing combustible dusts.  We offer a full line of forced air, radiant and circulation heaters for any and all locations.

Explosion-proof, even in dangerous working environments

Working area temperatures should be bearable at the very least. Traditional electronic panel heaters can be risky: they might produce sparks and arcs. That can cause major damages and pose serious risks. ATEX Panel Heaters are protected against electronic shocks, ensuring optimal safety for your working place.

Other Factor to Consider:

** Hazardous Location Unit Heaters are fan forced electric heaters designed for use in division and zone classified areas.  NEC defines a hazardous location as an area where a potential hazard (e.g., a fire, an explosion, etc.) may exist under normal or abnormal conditions because of the presence of flammable gases, vapors, combustible dusts or ignitable fibers or filings.  Under these conditions, equipment must be designed and manufactured to specific standards.  At Heat Authority we are able to offer products certified to multiple standards, including those applicable to North America, Europe, Asia and Russia.  Open flames are not permitted in these locations. The use of electric heating equipment is permitted with two major restrictions:

1.    The surface temperature of the equipment cannot exceed the ignition temperature of the hazardous atmosphere.

2.    All arc and spark producing devices must be isolated from the atmosphere in an appropriate enclosure.

Charts and Classifications

Temp Classification/
Min Ignition
Temperature °C (°F)

Max Surface Temp
°C (°F)

T1 >450 [842][842]
T2 >300 [572][572]
T3 >200 [392][392]
T4 >135 [275][275]
T5 >100 [212][212]
T6 >85 [185][185]

ATTENTION – About our Class I, II, III Products

Although these products are listed as “In Stock” on our website, they do require final assembly because of the hazardous certification and based on your specific heating requirements.  Once ordered you will be contacted by one of our representatives to provide and verify specifics such as temperature, voltage, and other “Hazardous Location” requirements.  Shipping will be delayed a few days for these final adjustments to be made to your heaters(s).  If you have any questions about the product, please contact us directly at (866) 805-HEAT.

Hazardous Location - C1D2 Heaters


Prevent equipment damage and keep your operations running smoothly with Heat Authority's advanced explosion-proof heaters.

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