Heat Authority offers rapid heating for a wide variety of tote & tank materials including water, chemicals, compounds, epoxy resins, petroleum, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), food products- honey, molasses, corn syrup, chocolate and much, much more. We have the widest selection of heaters available.

Learn a quick overview of the types and sizes of heaters accessible:


Regulating temperatures that stay within critical ranges for heating and storage requirements can be difficult if you are storing food or chemicals in buckets or pails. Bucket and pail heaters are simple to install, use and store and are an effective warming solution. The Heat Authority products for pails and buckets include strong brands such as Powerblanket or ProMAX that will save you time and money.

Product options include:

  • Adjustable Thermostats
  • Full Wrap, Full Coverage,
  • Adjustable to Not Adjustable
  • Insulated Band Heater
  • Base Heaters
  • Hazardous area explosion proof heaters that are intrinsically safe

Never over or under heat your products again. Our rapid penetration technology delivers a barrier of uniform directional heat to the entire blanket surface – completely eliminating the hassles with hot & cold spots which “cook” or burn your product.


A PSIG (pounds per square inch gauge) will naturally drop when the temperature drops. Gas cylinder heaters need to keep their pressure up regardless of working conditions or weather to eliminate unnecessary refills and extend ‘gas mileage’. Working with compressed gases, understanding how to heat and maintain an optimal temperature will allow for maximum safe output. Powerblanket, ProMAX or BriskHeat are strong brands that offer cylinder wraps that are optimal for managing cylinder temperatures.

Benefits of Cylinder Heaters:

  • Heat, Insulate and Protect Compressed Gases
  • Best Solution for Temperature Maintenance
  • Insulated Full Wrap Design – Keeps Heat In & Cold Out
  • Adjustable Straps for a Secure Fit
  • Cinch Top Design Minimizes Heat Loss
  • Safe on a Wide Variety of Gases
  • Even Heat Distribution to Entire Blanket Surface
  • Weather Proof & Water resistant
  • Certified to UL / CSA safety standards
  • Standard Color: BLACK

We also offer several different cylinder heaters made specifically for flammable and hazardous areas.


This area includes many sizes of Barrel and Drum Heaters. Many different products like chemicals, food, oil and more are stored in 5 gallon to 55 gallon drums. The drum heaters or barrel warmers professionals receive from Heat Authority’s leading manufacturers will help resolve viscosity issues, provide thaw and freeze protection and safely heat and control chemical or industrial materials temperatures.

We provide full wrap and band heater options and base heaters that offer fixed or variable temperature controls. Our hazardous area drum heating options include Class 1, Division 1 & 2 Hazardous Area Location drum heaters that are a good choice to be compliant with area regulations. Available options include 120V and 240V.


Bulk Heaters are the answer to pre-heating construction and warehouse materials prior to use. Jobsite Heating is commonly known as a Hot-Box. These bulk material heating stations are ideal for these common products:

  • pails
  • drums
  • paint
  • bagged asphalt
  • caulking
  • spray foam
  • chemicals
  • roofing supplies
  • food products

Hot-Box is also a beneficial heater for other viscous and temperature sensitive materials that require appropriate temperature control. Names like PowerBlanket and ProMAX are synonyms with quality bulk material heaters that offer temperature control for pinpoint accuracy when needed even in the most extreme weather conditions. With or Without Digital Temp Controls, you can achieve temperatures as high as 212°F.


Heat Authority specializes in heating, insulating, thawing and protection of fluids from harsh weather and outdoor environments. The custom tank and silo heaters we offer are an optimal solution for maximum freeze protection for industries such as mining, construction, oil & gas industrial environments and more. Large tank and silo heaters are available in many different lengths and diameters along with custom dimensions offered from Heat Authority as we help solve even the most demanding of projects.


As the largest supplier in North America, we offer all sizes of Tote Heater products. Totes come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. The heaters that Heat Authority provide cover IBC tote heaters, tote heating pads and stainless tote heaters. Our heating products help solve temperature control issues from cold exterior weather conditions to regulating product temperatures in a warehouse.

Common Uses:

  • Freeze Protection
  • Heat IBC Totes & Containers
  • Maintain Temperature in Product
  • Protect Temperature Sensitive Liquids
  • Stainless Tank Temperature Control
  • Heat DEF, Chemicals, Water, Petroleum & Food Products
  • Effective on both Stainless and Poly Totes & Tanks

We’ve tested the ProMAX IBC Stainless Tote Heaters & Poly Tank Heaters for all around general use applications. Explosion proof is also our specialty and we provide Hazardous Area tote heater products.

Heat Authority products allows you to safely heat and insulate food products, chemicals, water and other temperature sensitive solutions for YEAR-ROUND temperature control. Contact one of our professionals today to discuss whatever size and power that you need.



Heat Authority has tote warmers and heaters that keep your temperature-sensitive materials at the correct temperature.

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