What does the phrase “reinventing the wheel” mean to you? I’ve often wondered if this was a positive or negative statement. Why would something need to be reinvented if it was already working? Maybe the right phrase is “Let’s make a better wheel”.

How about the phrase “Time is Money”. Anyone involved in the business world can relate to that phrase. Bottom line, the longer a certain job or process takes the more it’s bound to cost.

Heat Authority has made a better wheel. Not a literal wheel…but an improvement over an old way of doing things. AND we’ve discovered a way to accomplish a task in a fraction of the time it used to take. Do we have your interest?

We have found a way to help you with your temperature control issues when it comes to heating IBC Totes and Tanks. Heat Authority has developed a way to wrap your containers in electric heat to produce the kind of results necessary to speed up your processing time and affect your bottom line.

No longer do you have to wait for a thick sticky container of molasses to get warm enough to pour…with these high heat electric wraps you can have that molasses up to its ideal mixing temperature in record time. The same goes for other very viscous products that need to be pumped, poured or mixed like coconut oil, honey, corn syrup, and chocolate. These are just a handful of examples from the food industry… How about all the other industries with viscous, sticky product that needs to be heated in order to perform?

Water, Chemicals, Resins, Petroleum Products, Cosmetic Products, Oils, Waxes just to name a few.

Heat Authority provides full-wrap tote warming jackets to fit ALL of the common sizes of containers. Whether you have a poly-tote with a metal cage or a stainless steel tote we have a heated jacket that will fit your needs. AND we can customize a jacket for everything else.

Heat Authority has reinvented the way to help improve your bottom line by providing the maximum heat to produce the optimum results.

Browse our website or call one of our helpful associates today. Heat Authority…your one stop HEAT – CURE – THAW superstore!


Heat Authority has tote warmers and heaters that keep your temperature-sensitive materials at the correct temperature.

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