Intermediate Bulk Containers or IBC Totes are everywhere.  They come in different shapes, materials and sizes.  They can be used to store anything from gear oil to coconut oil; from molasses to powdered food ingredients.  The best thing about them is their ability to hold and store just about anything.  

Being cubic in form, more material per foot can be transported in the same footprint compared to cylindrical shaped containers.  They are stackable containers that are easy to move and store.  They have a volume range that is situated between drums and tanks making them very “intermediate”.

Transportation and storage may be the greatest things about these IBC Totes.  Keeping their contents from freezing however may prove to be a little more difficult.  Millions of dollars are lost every year to spoiled and frozen products.  Food, dairy, chemicals, petroleum just to mention a few are temperature sensitive.

When the temperature drops how do you protect the contents of your IBC Tote? Some products like DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) are stored where they are needed; outdoors, often in extreme conditions. The product is no good to the end user if it is frozen solid.

Freeze protection is only one issue you might face with an IBC Tote. What about products that are just too viscous to pour, flow or pump? Some gear oils, waxes, food products just won’t flow without a little heat to encourage them. The chemical and cosmetic industries just to name a couple rely on these containers for their products, yet when they are below their desirable flow temperatures, life is difficult.

There are different ways to try and heat the contents of an IBC Tote. Some of those might include heating pads, immersible heaters or even insulating blankets. By far the most effective way to keep the contents of your IBC Totes from freezing is with an electric heating jacket or wrap, most widely known as a TOTE HEATER. A Tote Heater is simply an electric blanket that is manufactured to the correct dimensions as to be able to wrap completely around your tote. They usually have 3 or 4 nylon straps with either Velcro or plastic adjustable clasps to securely fasten the jacket to the tote. In most cases these wraps not only heat but insulate and protect your IBC tote as well.

These jackets can be manufactured in sizes and power ratings to suit your particular applications and needs. Some of the more common sizes are readily available and usually on the shelf and in stock at

Standard ICB Totes are 220 gallon, 275 gallon, 330 gallon and 550 gallon. Usually the length and width dimensions are the same 40”L x 48”W. It’s the height that increases as the gallons increase 40” to 46” to 53” and so on. If standard sizes don’t work for your particular container, custom built for your needs is our specialty.

Industry leaders like Powerblanket, BriskHeat and ProMAX provide IBC tote heaters that are safe to operate, economical to run and built with quality you can trust. Nothing will heat your IBC tote faster than one of these electric heated jackets. Nothing will be safer on your products than one of these heated jackets.

One other huge benefit with these electric heated jackets is the ability to control the temperatures with pin-point accuracy. The jackets are available with either a pre-set thermostat or a digital thermostat to allow for exact control. Temperatures can be dialed in from 0° to 212° F with the click of a switch. Available in 120 volt & 240 volt options to meet your requirements as well.

Tips & Tricks to achieving the best RESULTS:

  • Place your tote on a pallet or other insulated barrier. Concrete is a huge heat-sink and if your tote site directly on a concrete slab, the slab will continue to pull heat out and away from your container.
  • Make sure to insulate the top of your container. Many of our Powerblanket line include an insulated top lid cover. These covers not only protect your IBC tote from the elements if that is a concern, but also help to prevent your tote from acting like a chimney and letting all that good heat you’ve created escape!
  • Never move or remove the jacket while it is still plugged in and energized. If the jacket is allowed to overlap or fold up on its self while energized it will cause the heating elements to “super-heat” and can severely damage the jacket. This is a way to void the warranty. offers a wide selection of IBC Tote Heaters. Including a line of jackets that are intrinsically safe and certified to be used in hazardous area locations.

Powerblanket, BriskHeat & ProMAX do not sell IBC Tote Heaters direct to the public. The most reliable online distributer for any Tote Heater product is Call and Buy direct (866) 805-HEAT 4328.

By Heat Authority


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