Winter is coming! Your choice to disregard that statement will have no effect on the inevitable. I know right now the weather is warm and winter is the last thing on your mind…The truth is you can’t stop the changing of the seasons…and winter is on - its - way!

Are you ready? According to an article published in the New York Times, “Losses from snow, ice and freezing temperatures have averaged about $1.2 billion a year” in the US alone…this year could easily double that amount. So, I ask again…are you ready? Again quoting from the same news article…”Preparing your home for cold weather can help avoid the potentially costly problems, like frozen pipes. The average claim for damage from a frozen pipe is about $18,000…” Although these costs can vary, the truth is NO ONE wants to have to deal with frozen pipes AND the potential headaches that are associated with them! Repairing the broken pipe is usually the least costly part of the problem. The damage to fixtures, furnishings and finishes is what runs up the bill. Not to mention flooring and possible structural issues.

Heat Authority can help you prepare for winter. We have the tools to keep pipes frost free and flowing as they are intended. Whether it is a waterline that supplies your home or building, or a drain line taking liquids away, you can rest assured your pipes will function as they were designed.

One exceptional tool is our Heated Pipe Wraps. Wrap your pipes in electrically heated and insulated protection. Heat Authority is the leader in freeze protection products. Protect your pipelines, hoses, tubing bundles, and many other outdoor applications. You can also THAW pipes fast if winter beat you to the punch.

Another tool for thawing underground utilities such as supply and drain lines are our Heated Curing and Thawing Blankets. These blankets are rugged, heavy-duty and high powered. The heat produced is driven down into the ground to help thaw even the trickiest of conditions.

Whatever your need, Heat Authority has a tool to help. These products are tough. They are weather-proof, winter-proof, insulated and built to last. Avoid the costly problems “Old Man Winter” can throw at you. You WILL be ready for winter by having the tools to protect your home, business, family or employees from the devastating problems winter can cause to water pipes and drain lines.

Heat Authority….Call us today or visit us online. Your HEAT – CURE – THAW Superstore!


Heat Authority's pipe heaters keep your fluids flowing all year, thanks to their freeze protection for your whole system.

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