Is coconut oil a solid or a liquid? Often if shipped it will arrive as a liquid because of heat during the transport, then as it cools it will solidify. This can be confusing and often we ask is this normal? The answer is YES, it is completely normal, and a very common question.

If you buy unrefined (aka "virgin") coconut oil, it will have a melting point of approximately 76°F. This means depending on the season and room temperatures it could be liquid or solid. It all a matter of where it is stored.

Coconut oil might just be the most versatile health foods on the planet. Not only is it a favorite in cooking, but coconut oil uses are numerous in health foods, cosmetics and beauty aids, and medicinal solutions. In much of Southeast Asia, India, the Philippines, and other tropical locations the coconut tree is considered the "Tree of Life".

If you need your coconut oil to be liquid, you’ll have to make sure to heat it above the magic 76°F. Coconut oil is unlike other vegetable oils and is very stable when heated. It will not create toxic byproducts. It has a smoking point of 350°F (177°C). No oil should ever be heated above its smoking point. There may be many reasons you need the oil to be in its liquid state. Mixing and blending with other ingredients is one very good reason.

No matter the size of container Heat Authority has a means of helping you heat that oil to the proper temperature. If you are operating on a large scale and have IBC totes or drum containers we can help you apply the proper heat to keep the coconut oil liquid and easy to pump, pour or mix. Safely heat and insulate. On a slammer scale we supply 1 gallon & 5 gallon heaters. These are designed to meet the highest standards and will perform exactly as designed. They will deliver the needed heat to keep your coconut oil in a liquid state, allowing for ease in pouring & mixing.

ProMAX Tote Heaters for Heating Coconut Containters

If you use coconut oil in any kind of a manufacturing process you need to know that Heat Authority can save you time and money while helping you maintain an even and consistent temperature year-round! Our ProMAX and Powerblanket lines have quality, proven, effective heaters to help you meet your heating and melting needs.

Here is a great link to a list of Benefits & Uses of Coconut Oil:


The Heat Authority's industrial drum and bucket heaters give uniform and constant heating, saving money and reducing waste.

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