There is a need to dig frozen ground in the winter…but unless you’ve actually dug in it yourself you wouldn’t believe how solid it really is. Frozen ground is like concrete… Literally…I’ve seen guys out swinging a pick ax on a frozen pile of sand to try and free their wheelbarrow. This can be very frustrating, not to mention time consuming.

What about the needs of a cemetery located in cold country? They can’t ask families to wait for the spring thaw to bury a loved one… what is to be done?

How about frozen supply or drain pipes? Utilities need to work. Yet if they freeze or worse break, how do you access them is the ground is frozen solid?

Heat Authority has electrically heated blankets that will help drive the required heat necessary down, down, down to thaw that stubborn ground and allow the work to continue. Both Powerblanket & RapidTHAW blankets are rugged, durable and weather tight. The corners and perimeter have grommets to allow for staking them down to prevent wind or weather from getting in between.

RapidTHAW will deliver 60°F above the ambient air temperature. That is to say if it's 20°F outside it'll be 80°F under the blanket. Add some extra insulation and you can get an additional 10° - 15°F.

Powerblanket Extra-Hot blankets have in internal preset thermostat set at 150°F...again add some extra insulation and you can take the heat up even higher. This blanket is ideal for any kind of ground thawing you require. With blankets as small as 2' x 2' there is a size that will meet your need.

Landscapers use these blankets to tarp their sand piles overnight so in the morning they’re able to get right to work without the worry of first getting the pick ax to liberate their wheelbarrow!

Cemeteries have used the Powerblanket Extra-Hot EH0905 blanket to thaw ground so they can dig when necessary. This 5’ x 9’ blanket is the perfect size to get the job done.

Whatever your need don’t let winter and especially frozen ground stop you from getting the job done. Heat Authority has the right tools to help you through a cold winter. Don’t let frozen ground get the best of you. Be prepared.




If you're waiting for ground ice to melt, you're wasting time and money. Let Heat Authority show you how they can help.

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