Fall is a favorite time of year for many people… many things are changing. The changing leaves are an indication that “Old Man Winter” is on his way. This is also the time of year you need to consider how to protect the precious contents of your IBC Totes. Dropping temperatures can cause damaging results on some products and you need to do all you can to avoid those changes. There are lots of sources for information on the web…but bottom line a couple simple tricks will help keep the chill off.

Store Indoors if Possible

This may be the most obvious solution to freeze protect your totes but something as simple as getting them out of the wind and elements is important. If you can place your totes in a temperature controlled environment do it. This may not always be possible, but if you have the room to store them indoors take advantage of it. Insulation is also a very easy way to protect. It won’t heat your tote but by insulating you can help protect your products against heat loss when the temperatures drop.

There are many blogs and forums on the internet where individuals or groups discuss ways to keep large quantities of water from freezing. Some talk about using additives to lower the freezing point or burying their totes in the ground to protect them. Most of these solutions are impractical in their application or would contaminate the contents in your tote.

If you have the ability to store your products indoors, even if it’s an unheated space, this is a much better alternative than outdoors exposed to the elements. Make sure to place your tote on something that will not conduct heat. A pallet, a piece of rigid foam insulation even a sheet of plywood will help create that thermal barrier as opposed to sitting directly on the ground or worse a concrete slab. Concrete is a huge heat sink and will literally suck the heat out of a tote if placed directly on it!

Group Your Totes

Although this won’t heat your products, by stacking and grouping you are able to eliminate so much exposed surface area. Anything you can do to cut down on how much area is exposed to the cold will help keep the internal temperatures of your tote and contents up.

Heated Tote Jackets













By far the most efficient way to keep the contents of your IBC Totes from freezing is by using an electric heating jacket. Heat Authority provides several different makes and models of these heating jackets. Jackets designed with a multitude of uses in mind. These heated jackets will not only provide freeze protection but can help keep your products at a temperature where they are most workable. Your product may be too thick to pour or pump due to the cold temperatures. These electric heaters are ideal in thinning heavy viscous liquids. We have full-wrap tote heating jackets that fit all sizes from 100 to 1000 gallon totes. Powerblanket, ProMAX, BriskHeat and Thermosafe are the tote heaters we supply and they will provide the heat you need for your products. Whether you are storing liquids like water, chemicals, epoxy resins, food products, petroleum products or more…we have a heater that will keep the damaging cold away.

Give us a call toll free (866) 805-HEAT 4328 or drop us an email at info@heatauthority.com

One of our helpful team members will be happy to assist you in making the right selection for the products you need to protect as the temps are beginning to fall. Let Heat Authority provide the change you need in protecting your products from the big freeze.

ProMAX HA275 – 275 Gallon IBC Tote Heater

Powerblanket TH330 – 330 Gallon Tote Heater


Heat Authority has tote warmers and heaters that keep your temperature-sensitive materials at the correct temperature.

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