Say goodbye to portable heaters, open flames, chemical hardeners, tenting, delays and work stoppage. Does cold weather have you frustrated? Heat Authority is the cold weather experts to keep you on task, on budget and on time even when OLD MAN WINTER is doing his best to slow you down.

Concrete Curing

The winter elements don’t need to stop your next concrete pour or masonry project. Put the heat where you need it. Concrete curing technology has made it possible to work year round. When you need to keep your project on track and on budget, CureMAX™, PowerBlanket & RapidTHAW electric concrete curing and ground thawing blankets from are the obvious choices.

According to the American Concrete Institute (ACI) …”Slabs on ground (e.g. pavements, sidewalks, parking lots, driveways, floors, canal linings) and structural concrete (e.g. bridge decks, piers, columns, beams, slabs, small footings, cast-in-place walls, retaining walls) require a minimum curing period of seven days for ambient temperatures above 40° F”. Again the ACI states “The curing period for cold weather concrete is longer than the standard period due to reduced rate of strength gain. Compressive strength of concrete cured and maintained at 50° F is expected to gain strength half as quickly as concrete cured at 73° F.”

Both RapidTHAW & CureMAX heated construction blankets offer a full throttle approach to heat. These blankets will produce temperatures at 60° F above ambient. That means when it’s 15° F outside, your concrete will be 75° F ALL DAY LONG under our blankets.

Successfully pour concrete in -20° to + 30° F temperatures with this revolutionary new product from PowerBlanket! All models cure concrete and thaw ground fast even in the most adverse weather conditions. UL/CSA/CE & ETL Safety Certified. The easy set up and low maintenance make these heaters the obvious choice for contractors and utility companies across the US & Canada. Powerblanket products are built to last, manufactured with a durable vinyl shell. Greenheat™ technology by Powerblanket allows for even heat distribution including the corners and edges of the concrete. ALL models will save you money by not subjecting projects to costly cold weather delays.

Call the Heat Authority experts to discuss all the heating solution options that would be beneficial for a project at 866-805-HEAT (4328).


If you're waiting for ground ice to melt, you're wasting time and money. Let Heat Authority show you how they can help.

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