Now you can cure masonry all winter long - Keep crews working and produce a higher quality product. No joke! Heated masonry curing blankets allow for more optimal curing temperatures even in the dead of winter.  Insulated, heat welded seams, even heat distribution and water resistant.  Simply lay out the blanket on your masonry project, plug in the power and the blanket does the rest. Keep ahead of your competition and stay ahead of schedule.  Temperatures below zero? No problem.  Heated Masonry Blankets get the job  done.


The Specification for Masonry Structures: (ACI 530.1-08/ASCE 6-08/TMS 602-08) contains minimum requirements for cold weather masonry construction.When ambient temperature falls below 40°F (4.4°C), cold weather construction applies.As the temperature of mortar materials falls below normal:

• water requirement to reach a given consistency is reduced

• a given amount of air-entraining agent yields more entrained air

• initial and final set of the mortar are significantly delayed

• heat-liberating reaction rates between portland cement and water are substantially reduced, becoming minimal as mortar temperature drops below 40°F (4.4°C)

• strength gain rates are reduced

As cold weather arrives, builders must take precautions when doing masonry construction. By changing procedures, equipment, or supplies, mason contractors can avoid seasonal delays associated with cold weather.This permits better utilization of a mason contractor’s resources, particularly manpower. Successful masonry construction can proceed despite cold temperatures by following an effective cold weather construction program. You get the picture! Utilize a heated masonry blanket and avoid those costly weather delays.  Put mother nature back in her place w/ thermal masonry heat blankets from Heat Authority.

thermal masonry heat blankets


Speed up your construction project with our heated curing blankets - perfect for cold weather conditions.

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