All concrete must be protected from freezing until it has reached a minimum strength of 500 pounds per square inch (psi), which typically happens within the first 24 hours. If concrete freezes while it is still fresh or before it has developed sufficient strength to resist the expansive forces associated with the freezing water, ice formation results in the disruption of the cement paste matrix causing an irreparable loss in strength. Early freezing can result in a reduction of up to 50 percent in the ultimate strength. Once concrete has attained a compressive strength of around 500 psi, it is generally considered to have sufficient strength to resist significant expansion and damage if frozen.

The question is how to protect fresh concrete until it reaches that magic 500 psi? There are several ways to cure concrete in cold weather. But concrete curing requires knowledge, material and some expert tips. Snow, humidity, temperature and water can provide obstacles in letting your concrete achieve this optimum strength. Number one is paying attention to the weather conditions. If possible avoid pouring when weather is in the extremes. This goes for too hot as well as too cold. Experts agree that it takes upwards of 30 days for concrete to reach maximum strength but controlling conditions during the first 24 hours is most critical.

The main issues with temperature is you don’t want the water in your mix to either freeze or evaporate before it establishes the chemical bond that needs to take place. Sometimes you don’t have the choice to hold off on a pour. The job needs to be completed to stay on schedule. Shutting down the jobsite because of cold weather can be very costly. For many contractors, pouring in the cold is a nerve wracking experience. What if there was a way to safely pour no matter what the temperatures are? What if there was a way to put those worries of lost revenue and falling behind schedule aside? Cold weather concrete pouring doesn’t have to be something you lose sleep over any more.

Heat Authority has the answer to cold weather concrete curing. Electrically heated construction blankets that will provide warmth, insulation and protection can literally save the day or in any case the job.

Cold weather is technically defined as a period when, for more than 3 consecutive days, the average air temperature is less than 40°F, and the air temperature is not greater than 50°F for more than half of any 24 hour period.

Heat Authority offers electric blankets that provide heat when and where contractors need it. CureMAX, PowerBlanket and RapidTHAW are names you can trust to bring the needed heat to the job. Keep crews working and avoid costly delays all winter long.

  • Engineered for use in both warm and cold climates.
  • Protects concrete from rapid drying, freezing and cracking during the hydration process.
  • Light weight portable design makes them ideal for both small and large scale operations.
  • Delivers a barrier of warmth that traps heat & moisture, producing a higher grade of concrete.
  • Increases PSI levels & decreases defects during wet-cure process.
  • Maintains an optimal curing environment.

PowerBlanket allows you to successfully pour concrete in -20°F to 30°F temperatures. UL/CSA/CE & ETL Safety Certified. Easy to set-up and low maintenance make these electrically heated construction blankets the obvious choice for contractors and utility companies across the US & Canada.

Cold weather concrete pouring requires proper planning. Concrete CAN be placed, finished and cured to its proper strength in cold weather conditions if sufficient planning and care are taken. Part of that proper planning should include having plenty of heated construction blankets on hand to complete the job. Follow these tips and you will have a successful pour.

PowerBlanket, CureMAX and RapidTHAW are trademarked products that have withstood the test of time and temperature. They allow for even heat distribution, insulation and proper management of resources to assure you have a project free of delays and worry. The secret to great results is all in the preparation. Make sure you have the equipment you need so when Mother Nature sends in her worst, you have the solution. Heated construction blankets from is that solution.

For more information please feel free to email or call a knowledgeable team specialist Toll FREE at (866) 805-HEAT 4328.

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Speed up your construction project with our heated curing blankets - perfect for cold weather conditions.

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