Powerblanket's 6' x 6' Extra-Hot thawing and heating construction blanket provides superior protection and rapid thaw capability to users worldwide. Model EH0606-PH18 is the perfect solution for thawing large utility...


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Powerblanket's 6' x 6' Extra-Hot thawing and heating construction blanket provides superior protection and rapid thaw capability to users worldwide. Model EH0606-PH18 is the perfect solution for thawing large utility poles, posts and columns all winter long... up to 8 feet deep.

Extra-Hot 6' x 6' Utility Pole / Key Hole Ground Thawing Electric Construction Blanket with 18" Dia. Cutout. Key Hole / Utility Pole Heated Ground Thaw Blankets offer a low-weight, highly efficient heating source for utility companies and construction workers that need to thaw frozen ground in and around poles, posts and holes. Powerblanket EH0606-PH18 can be placed directly around a column or pole to provide heat where needed. Thaw up to 8 feet deep in record time. Every blanket is water resistant and constructed of rugged, D-15 vinyl. These construction grade blankets provide the most continuous and even heating source available, providing the perfect amount of heat to ensure complete thawing of the entire area.

  • Custom Flat Heated Powerblanket for Utility Pole Thawing & Curing w/dimensions of 6' x 6' with a 18" cutout.
  • Power Density: Extreme Freeze Protection (rated to -40°F and 40 mph winds)
  • External Cord Length: 8 ft
  • Temperature Control: Internal fixed preset thermostat
  • Vinyl Type: D-15 Black Vinyl (rated to -40°F)
  • Approximate Wattage:800Watts
  • Approximate Amperage: 6.67 Amps
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Plug Type: 15 Amp Plug
  • Certified by ETL to UL, CE, CSA Safety Standards
  • Pateneted GreenHeat Technology for Uniform Heating & Rapid Thawing

This item also includes:

  • Protected by an automatic GFCI device to protect both the product and the user
  • Two Buckles & straps used for fastening the custom heated blanket against itself

Common Uses:

  • Keep Sonotubes & Columns from Moving and Heaving
  • Thaw Posts & Pillars Prior to Repairs or Removal
  • Thaw Ground Prior to Digging & Trenching
  • Cure Concrete for Posts & Pillars All Winter Long!

In the diagram below you can see what will happen through a series of freeze and thaw cycles (courtesey of Garteway Farms).

Frost heave shown due to improper use of concrete in and around post!

Not only is lateral pressure applied to the post and its concrete base, but the vertical ground expansion under the lid of concrete amplifies the upward motion of the post. As the concrete moves upwards, its rough edges dislodge surrounding dirt, which falls to the bottom of the hole.

Over time, the fence post is literally lifted right out of the ground! Decks and porches will be ruined, bridges and roads crack and deteriorate... and home repairs skyrocket. Cold and freezing weather reeks havoc on post, pillars, sonotubes, decks, bridges and other structures with support columns. When repair work is needed, Powerblanket Keyhole Thawing Blankets will get the job done quickly. Thaw froen ground in and around post and pillars quickly with these outdoor heated constructions blankets designed specifically for post whole repair.

If opportunity allows, a better technique for initial groundwork preparation is to dig a bell shaped hole - larger at the bottom than the top. Also, the concrete should not extend above ground level. Doing this insures that lateral expansion tends to force the post downwards, and also insures that there is no lip for the expanding ground to get a hold of to lift the post upwards.

A bell shaped hole makes for a stable post.

Following these tips will help to build a fence, deck or portch that is sturdy and lasts for many years with a minimum amount of maintenance. When repair work is needed, heated keyhole outdoor blankets for posts and pillars is the answer! Call 866-805-4328 for more details or to place an order. Free UPS ground shipping (in USA) when you order online. Also available in 2'x2' and 4'x4' sizes. Thaw frozen ground up to 8 feet deep!

6' x 6' Thawing for Posts, Pillars & Columns

GTIN 709818889196
Dimensions 6' x 6' (feet)
Manufacturer Powerblanket
Heat Range High (150°F)
Watts 800W
Amps 6.67A
Volts 120V
Warranty 1 Year
Certifications UL/CSA/ETL Safety Certified