RapidTHAW™ 3' x 4' Engine and Motor Warming 120V Electric Heat Blanket. Safely heat engine compartment, battery, fluid, hoses, drive train and other engine critical components. Heat the entire engine...


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RapidTHAW™ 3' x 4' Engine and Motor Warming 120V Electric Heat Blanket. Safely heat engine compartment, battery, fluid, hoses, drive train and other engine critical components. Heat the entire engine compartment. Avoid cold start wear and tear. Keep your engine and hoses toasty warm with a RapidThaw #RT0304-MW heat blanket.

RT0304-MW - 3' x 4' Engine & Motor Warming Heat Blanket - High Heat Capacity

RapidTHAW™ to the rescue. Say "GOODBYE" to cold winter weather reaking havoc on your car, engine and hoses. All-in-one heating solution creates a heat shield to guarantee longer engine life and help prevent cold start wear and tear. RapidTHAW™ is an all purpose heat solution which effectively replaces separate heating devices for oil pans, blocks, hoses, fluids, batteries, crank cases, radiators and engine oil by heating the entire engine compartment! Safely heat motor compartments for trucks, RVs, autos, boats, aircraft, service trucks, snowmobiles, ATVs, outdoor machines, appliances, construction equipment, power equipments and power tools.

RapidTHAW™ Engine Warmers are the most economical heat blankets available on the market today. Wattage = HEAT. These electrically heated blankets (in some cases) are double the wattage per sq. ft. of other brands. RapidTHAW™ is offered exclusively by Heat Authority and is also the most affordable outdoor heat blanket available. RapidTHAW™blankets are superior in every detail. Weather-proof, Water-resistant, Tough-Rugged Construction helps them to stand out from the pack.


RapidTHAW™ Engine & Motor Warming Covers will heat up to 150°F (keeping your entire engine compartment nice and toasty like a warm summer day). Blankets will not damage motor, hoses or fluids. Siimply roll it out, plug it in and close the hood. RapidTHAW™ will do the rest. 24/7 protection agains cold, snow and freezing temperatures. RapidTHAW™ to the rescue!


  • Freeze protection for motors, engines and machinery
  • Keeps the entire engine compartment toasty warm
  • Safely heat fluids, hoses, batteries, oil and much more
  • Industries most affordable all-in-one heating solution
  • 120VAC - 6’ GFCI Plug Included
  • ETL Certified to UL / CSA Safety Standards
  • #1 motor warming solution on the market , 150°F
  • Vinyl will withstand temps from -40°F to 200°F
  • All seams are heat welded to assure weather tight construction.


RapidTHAW™ blankets run full-throttle and maintain a consistent temperature beneath the blanket of ~ 150°F. These durable blankets are reusable, roll easily and store compactly, ready for the next winter storm.

RapidTHAW™ engine warmers are available in 3 convenient off-the-shelf sizes:

  • RT0304-MW 3’ x 4’ – 120V, 393W, 15A (heated area ~ 28" x 40")
  • RT0409-MW 4’ x 9’ – 120V, 1188W, 15A (heated area ~ 40" x 100")
  • RT0415-MW 4’ x 15 – 120V, 1980W, 20A (heated area ~ 40" x 172")


  • Thawing Frozen Ground for Roadwork
  • Thawing Frozen Ground for Trenching
  • Thawing Frozen Ground in Cemeteries
  • Thawing Frozen Ground for Utility Work
  • Thawing Frozen Ground for Construction Work
  • Thawing Snow on Sidewalks
  • Thawing Frozen Water Pipes
  • Thawing Ground Prior to Concrete Work
  • Curing Concrete in Winter
  • Heating Pipes & Tanks
  • Freeze Protection for Pipes & Tanks
  • Freeze Protection for Underground Pipes
  • Heating Equipment & Machinery
  • Outdoor Thawing, Heating, Curing & Warming Blanket
  • Garage Floor Heater
  • Mechanics Heated Mat
  • Engine Warmer for Trucks, Cars, Military Vehicles
  • Engine Compartment Heater for Boats, Airplanes, Tractors
  • Melts Wax in Buckets and Pails
  • Cure Epoxy Resins
  • 1001 Other Uses for Heating, Thawing, Melting, Warming, Curing and Freeze Protection
Dimensions 3' x 4'' (feet)
Manufacturer RapidTHAW
Heat Range HIGH
Watts 396W
Amps 3.3A
Volts 120V
Warranty 1 Year
Certifications ETL Certified to UL / CSA Safety Standards

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