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BriskHeat® 15in x 43in Gas Cylinder Warmer 120V Model GCW15431501

Gas Cylinder Warmer. Keep your gas cylinder at optimal temperatures. Gas Cylinder Warmer - Ordinary Locations (GCW Series) Product Highlights Improves Process Control and Reduces Wasted Condensed Gas Creates convection...
$1,428.00 $1,099.00
BrandsExplosion Proof Heaters

Hazardous Area Gas Cylinder Warmer- Size K - Intrinsically Safe

Safe heating of gas bottles, even in hazardous areas. SHIPPING CHARGES WILL APPLY. CALL FOR DETAILS 1-866-805-HEAT Safe heating of gas bottles, even in hazardous areas. Ideal for cylinder warming...
$3,867.00 $3,094.00
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Size "K" Gas Cylindrical Tank Heater, Explosion-Proof C1/D2 Certified, 120V

"K" size cylinder heater for explosion-proof environments. Class 1 Division 2, T4 rated. Safely heat your cylinders and flammable gases. 120VPowerblanket Xtreme Model CBBHKG-C1D2T4 "K" size cylinder heater for explosion-proof...

Did you know that the cold weather could prevent your gas cylinders from vaporizing—making the cylinders unusable?

Whether your gas cylinders contain propane, butane, nitrogen, oxygen, or a number of other compressed gases, we have the best solution for you—at our guaranteed low price.

Our gas cylinder heaters provide heat throughout the entire cylinder, ensuring both the safety and efficiency of your gas cylinders.

We carry only the best brands of gas cylinder heaters to ensure you maintain optimal pressure, cylinder efficiency, and reduced costs.

Choose from a variety of sizes that include both a fixed and variable thermostat, to save you money by optimizing gas and material—and increasing performance and efficiency.

Why do I need a gas cylinder heater?

  • To prevent the cold weather from rendering your gas cylinder unusable
  • To control the heat of the gases and ensure optimal pressure
  • To ensure the heat is evenly distributed throughout the tank
  • To reduce by optimizing the efficiency of gas cylinders


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