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30 Gal. 650 Watt CHR Ultra-Wrap Drum Heating System, Adjustable Thermostat, 220V

The Heat Authority CHR Ultra Wrap DH-30G-650W-220V is a full wrap 30 gallon, 220V, insulated drum heating system utilizing 650 watts of power to quickly bring your products to temperature.Heats...
$695.00 $575.00

550 Gal. Stainless Food Grade IBC Tote Heater & Top-Cover. 240 volt, 4800 Watt - Model HA550-MAX, 165°F+ MAX TEMP

Introducing the CHR 550 Gallon IBC Stainless Tote/Tank Heating system. Model HA550-MAX. This is our Highest Heating model and it comes with 240 volts & 4800 Watts of heating power...
$2,635.00 $2,425.00

Heaters for Wine Tanks and Fermenters, 350 Gallon Stainless IBC Tote Heating Jacket for Temperature control of Wine Totes, Tanks & Barrels

Heating Jackets for your Stainless IBC Wine Tanks & Fermenters. Introducing the CHR 350 Gallon IBC Stainless Tote Heated IBC Jacket. Model SS350-MAX, both 120 or 240 Volt available. This...
$2,535.00 $1,850.00
BrandsBucket & Pail Heaters

5 Gal. 240V, 175W Pail Heating System, Adjustable Thermostat to 165°F

The CHR Ultra PH-5G-220V is a full wrap 5 gallon, 220V, insulated pail heating system utilizing 175 watts of power to quickly bring your product to temperature.Heats to 165°FINTRODUCING OUR...
$552.50 $425.00

Heat Authority is proud to introduce these Bulk Material Heaters from CHR. CHR builds heaters which are designed to be handled in some of the toughest conditions. Their industrial-grade Heating Jackets, Silicone Heaters and Temperature Controllers create turn-key heating solutions which are ready to address your needs be it in the aerospace, energy, pharmaceutical, analytical, semi-conductor, or other manufacturing sectors.

These Bulk Materials Heating Enclosures are a necessary tool when it comes to heating or maintaining warmth in otherwise difficult conditions. CHR HotBoxes are ideal for pails, drums, paint, bagged asphalt, caulking, spray foam, chemicals, roofing supplies, food products and other viscous and temperature sensitive materials that require appropriate temperature control.

Count on Heat Authority to bring you the products that will help make your job a little easier. Custom-built, delivered fast, more economical than you might imagine, and made to last.