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BrandsGenerators & Lighting

1.2KW Solar Power Generator with Crank-Up Light Tower Mast - 19' Manual Crank Mast - Trailer Mounted

This solar light tower MODEL# SPLT-1.2K-200A-19 from VOLT Industries includes four solar panels, solar charging system, battery bank and pneumatic mast mounted on trailer with outriggers and removable tongue. This...
BrandsDiesel Powered Generators & Lighting

12,000 Watt, Water Cooled Diesel Generator - 30' Telescoping Tower - with 4 x 1000W Metal Halide Lights

The HAL-WCDE-12KW-4X1000 mobile light tower from VOLT Industries is a towable lighting package powered by a water cooled diesel engine turning a brushless generator which produces 12,000 watts and 120/240V@60Hz....
BrandsGenerators & Lighting

112.5 KVA Transformer Power Distribution - Three Phase 480V to Single Phase 120/240V - Nema 3R

This 112.5KVA Power Distribution Substation has a 600 amp three phase 480 volt main breaker panel and a 200 amp 120/240 main breaker panel. Both panels are rated Nema 3R....

20 & 30 LB Propane Tank 300W Heated Wrap - ProMAX GCH30-PRO

ProMAX MODEL GCH30-PRO - 20 & 30 LB Propane / Gas Cylinder Warming insulated heat blanket. Safely heat propane & other gases to optimal temperatures. Increase PSI & Gas mileageExtend...
BrandsBucket & Pail Heaters

5 Gal. 240V, 175W Pail Heating System, Adjustable Thermostat to 165°F

The CHR Ultra PH-5G-220V is a full wrap 5 gallon, 220V, insulated pail heating system utilizing 175 watts of power to quickly bring your product to temperature.Heats to 165°FINTRODUCING OUR...
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