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Bucket & Pail HeatersDrum & Tote Heating

2 Gallon Pail Heater 75°F Fixed - PLBG2G 120V Powerblanket Full Wrap / Full Coverage / Not Adjustable

The Powerblanket PBLG2G is a full wrap 2 gallon insulated bucket heater. The Powerblanket PBLG2G is a full wrap 2 gallon insulated bucket heater utilizing GreenHeat Technology and featuring Rapid-Ramp...
$160.00 $139.00
Curing & Thawing BlanketsOur Products

4' x 15' Masonry Heated Blanket

Masonry heat blankets provide superior thawing and curing capability to masons worldwide. Thaw frozen ground, cure concrete in sub zero temperatures, wrap tanks & silos, freeze protection for pipes and...
$903.00 $745.00

Corn Syrup IBC Tote Heater - 275 Gallon, 120V, 1440W - Insulated Top Lid Included

Quickly warm Corn Syrup and other viscous materials to desired temperatures with the ProMAX IBC Tote Heater. Universal one-size fits ALL - 220, 250, 275, 330 Gallon and larger IBC...
$1,743.00 $1,250.00

Hazloc Heaters Explosion-proof XEU1-12-030

The XEU1 series of explosion-proof electric unit heaters are designed to meet U.S. and Canadian certification standards (cCSAus).The three sizes of XEU1 heaters include our ExCaliber™ high performance liquid-to-air heat-exchanger...
$4,375.00 $3,645.00
Epoxy & Precast CuringMulti Purpose Curing Blankets up to 100°F

HCC - Heated Construction Covers, Concrete Curing Blanket, 9' x 9', 120V, 1140W, 10A

HCC is your affordable alternative concrete curing blanket for tilt table, flatwork and form pouring. Maximize concrete PSI and throughput by up to 3X by applying uniform directional heat to...
$1,099.00 $859.00
CureMAXCuring & Thawing Blankets

ProMAX Optional Digital Adjustable Thermostatic Controller (15 Amps) For Heated Construction Blankets

ProMAX PM-TC is an adjustable, thermostatic controller. Use in conjunction with any 15 Amp Thawing & Curing blanket product for greater temperature control.The PM-TC Digital Electronic Temperature Controller is a...
$195.00 $145.00