Class 1, Zone 1 Tote heater for hazardous area by InteliHeat. Explosion-Proof.SHIPPING CHARGES WILL APPLY. CALL FOR DETAILS 1-866-805-HEATSafe heating of IBC Totes even in hazardous areas.IBC Tote wall temperatures...


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Class 1, Zone 1 Tote heater for hazardous area by InteliHeat. Explosion-Proof.


Safe heating of IBC Totes even in hazardous areas.
IBC Tote wall temperatures up to 131F/55C
(dependent on operating conditions).

CE, ATEX and IECEx certified flexible IBC heating blankets for use in Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas with potentially explosive atmospheres

(Class 1 - Zone 1).

INTELIHEAT heating jackets.

Safe heating of 1000L (275/330 gallon) IBC totes, even in hazardous areas where CE, ATEX or IECEx certification is required. Ideal for warming and freeze protection of IBC Tote Tanks and Materials. This high-efficiency IBC blanket heater will bring your liquids up to temperature without harming your plastic IBC.

Inteliheat jackets are constructed with custom elastomer and silicone coated glass cloth materials and high density fibreglass insulation. The heating medium uses a patented technology of carbon rich semi-conducting positive temperature coefficient membranes. Safe operating conditions are maintained even in the presence of potentially explosive gases. No transformers are required, operating using standard ac supply voltages. Inteliheat 1000 litre blankets are designed to work with both 275 and 330 Gallon USA IBC Tote Tanks and are also certified for use around 4x 55 gallon drums on a pallet, with or without one of our insulated lids. This configuration is appropriate for the warming of drums, or typically when viscosity problems are experienced.


  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Explosion Proof Area Certified
  • CE, ATEX & IECEx Certified (Zones 1 and 2)
  • Class 1
  • Fits larger and Smaller 275 and 330 Gallon IBC Totes
  • Universal Voltage (120V & 240V) / up to 9.5A - 2300W
  • Power cord supplied open ended to facilitate plant wiring.

240V Operation: Maximum temperatures up to 131º F (55º C) can be achieved when used with Optional IBC1-2LID Insulated Lid and standard 240V. No transformers are required.

120V Operation: Ideal for use with freeze protection applications, a maximum temperature of 86º F (30º C) can be achieved when used with Optional IBC1-2LID Insulated Lid and standard 120V.

Email: andrew@heatauthority.com for further information or to request sales literature.

Technical note: Some user specifications may request flame proof heaters or intrinsically safe heaters. These terms relate to specific technical standards applied to types of electrical equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres. The standard used for the Inteliheat drum heater and tote heater is IEC 60079:7 which is defined as "increased safety". The flameproof and instrinsic safety standards are alternate parts of the same IEC standard. All products in all these categories conform to the general standard IEC 60079:0 which forms the basis for the International standards used in IECEx testing around the world.

Dimensions 169" L X 37" W
Manufacturer THERMOSAFE
Heat Range 120V up to 86º F (30º C), 240V up to 131º F (55º C)
Watts Up to 2300W
Amps Up to 9.5 AMPS
Volts Universal 120V & 240V
Warranty 1 Year
Certifications UL/CSA Compliant. Class 1 Zone 1, Groups ABCD