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Experts agree that although you could select an effective hot plate (or stirrer or stirring hot plate) based on one or two selection criteria, get the best match for your application by keeping these five variables in mind:

  • Accuracy and Stability: When the control of temperature and stirring speed is crucial, choose digital heating and stirring equipment with electronic feedback controls for the greatest accuracy and stability. A closed-loop PID microprocessor control monitors top plate temperatures and/or stirring speeds and automatically compensates for changes in the system relative to a selected set point.
  • Range and Uniformity: The top plate composition (ceramic, porcelain, or aluminum) and the type of temperature control both contribute to range and uniformity
  • Volume: Hot plates, stirrers, and stirring hot plates come in various sizes and configurations—from small, single-vessel units to large-capacity, multi-unit units.
  • Viscosity: The ability of a drive-magnet and stir-bar combination to effectively stir a solution depends on drive-magnet shape and size, stir-bar shape and size, distance between the stir bar and drive magnet, vessel shape and size, desired stir speed, and your solution’s viscosity. Stirring more viscous solutions requires a unit with greater magnetic coupling strength.
  • Hazardous Environment: Organic solvents and chemical mixtures can create a hazard in your lab—standard heating and stirring equipment can ignite fumes at medium to high temperatures. Reduce your risk by using only explosion-proof equipment.

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