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4' 2" Explosion-Proof Paint Spray Booth LED Light on Wheeled Dolly Cart

The VOLT Industries Explosion Proof Paint Spray Booth Light on Dolly Cart is U.S./Canada U.L. approved Class 1 Division 1, Class II Division 1, T6 rated, and offers a versatile...

BRAND: VOLT Industries


$2,930.00 $2,254.00

16" Explosion-Proof Light - Base Stand Mount C1D1&2

Explosion Proof LED Light from VOLT Industries is rated Class 1 Division 1-2 Groups C & D and Class 2 Division 1-2 and uses a 16 inch LED light head...

BRAND: VOLT Industries

MODEL: 16-150-EPVI

$2,735.99 $2,377.56

Explosion-Proof LED Drop Light/Trouble Light

Explosion Proof LED Drop Light / Trouble Light is U.L. approved Class 1 Division 1 & 2 Groups C and D - and is ideal for general work activities in...

BRAND: VOLT Industries


$760.99 $585.20

112.5 KVA Transformer Power Distribution Three Phase 480V to Single Phase 120/240V

This 112.5KVA Power Distribution Substation has a 600 amp three phase 480 volt main breaker panel and a 200 amp 120/240 main breaker panel. Both panels are rated Nema 3R....

BRAND: VOLT Industries



24" Explosion-Proof Light Base Stand Mount - Metal Halide C1D1

The EPL-24BS-1X4-250 Explosion Proof Portable Base Stand Tank Light from VOLT Industries is rated Class 1 Division 1 Groups C & D and uses a 400 watt Metal Halide light...

BRAND: VOLT Industries

MODEL: EPL-24BS-1x4-250

$3,494.00 $2,688.00

5 Hand Lamp Explosion-Proof LED String Lights

The Volt Industries Explosion Proof String Light set is U.L. approved Class 1 Division 1 Groups C and D - and is ideal for general close work and inspection activities...

BRAND: VOLT Industries


$3,421.98 $2,632.26

13,000 Lumens Explosion-Proof LED Tank Light Wheelbarrow Cart C1D1&2

The Explosion Proof Portable Tank Light from VOLT Industries is rated Class 1 Division 1-2 Groups C&D and Class II Division 1-2 and uses LEDs to produce 13,000 lumens of...

BRAND: VOLT Industries

MODEL: 14-150-EPVI


12,000 Watt Water Cooled Diesel Generator - 30' Telescoping Tower - with 4 x 1000W Metal Halide Lights

The HAL-WCDE-12KW-4X1000 mobile light tower from VOLT Industries is a towable lighting package powered by a water cooled diesel engine turning a brushless generator which produces 12,000 watts and 120/240V@60Hz....

BRAND: VOLT Industries



Your responsibility is to get the job done. And to do so on time and within budget.

Our responsibility is to ensure you have everything you need—at a price that preserves your bottom line.

At Heat Authority, we've taken the initiative to find the best lighting structures and portable generators on the market to save you time, money, and energy. We understand the importance of lighting your job site and providing power so the work moves smoothly and efficiently to completion.

Whether you're in need of explosion proof LED drop lights, base stand mounts, strong lights, or water-cooled diesel generators with a telescoping tower, we have all this and more.

Our high wattage and heavy-duty options provide enough power to light the entire job site. For smaller work areas, our LED work lights are efficient and affordable options to keep productivity flowing.

Why do I need construction lights?

  • To provide lighting to job sites and/ or smaller workspaces
  • To provide energy to power machinery and tools
  • To ensure the work continues regardless of available natural lighting
  • To provide safe and explosion-proof lighting


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