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BriskHeat® Full Coverage Drum Heater Expansion Strip (FGDC55-1)

Expands BriskHeat Full-Coverage Drum Heaters to fit up to a 24.2” (615mm) diameter drum.Expands up to 24.2in (615mm) Diameter Drums. 6” (152mm) wide expansion strip Expands BriskHeat Full-Coverage Drum Heaters...
$115.70 $89.00

BriskHeat® 55 Gallon Single Zone Drum Heater 240V - Model FGDHC55240D (Metal Drums)

Full-Coverage 55 Gallon Single Zone - for Metal Drums Full-Coverage 55 Gallon Single Zone - for Metal Drums Product Highlights Full-Coverage Drum Heater are insulated to maximize heat efficiency and...
$1,098.50 $845.00
DRUM & BARREL HEATERSDrum & Tote Heating

15 Gal. Drum Heater PRO 145°F Adjustable Thermostat - Powerblanket BH15-PRO

The Powerblanket Model BH15-PRO is a full wrap 15 gallon insulated drum heater utilizing GreenHeat Technology. Effective heating from 0°F to 145°F with adjustable thermostatic controller for pinpoint temperature control.The...
$835.38 $668.00

Heat Authority provides the latest technology in 5 gallon pail and 55 gallon drum heating from leading manufacturers. Our full coverage drum, bucket and IBC tote heaters offer fixed or variable temperature controls and high wattage output for even the most demanding heating applications. Quickly bring your products to temperature. Ideal for:

          • Viscosity & Temperature Control
          • Thawing & Freeze Protection
          • Heat Gear Oil, Biofuel, Biodiesel & DEF
          • Melting of Solids like Wax
          • Honey & Molasses Drum Heating
          • Heating of Drums, Pails, Totes and Tanks
          • Safely Heat Chemicals in Drums & Pails
          • Heat Epoxy Resins Stored in Barrels
          • Temperature Control for Industrial Materials