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20 & 30 LB Propane Tank 300W Heated Wrap - ProMAX GCH30-PRO

ProMAX MODEL GCH30-PRO - 20 & 30 LB Propane / Gas Cylinder Warming insulated heat blanket. Safely heat propane & other gases to optimal temperatures. Increase PSI & Gas mileageExtend...
$487.00 $375.00
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5 Gal. 240V, 175W Pail Heating System, Adjustable Thermostat to 165°F

The CHR Ultra PH-5G-220V is a full wrap 5 gallon, 220V, insulated pail heating system utilizing 175 watts of power to quickly bring your product to temperature.Heats to 165°FINTRODUCING OUR...
$552.50 $425.00
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15 Gal. Drum Heater PRO 145°F Adjustable Thermostat - Powerblanket BH15-PRO

The Powerblanket Model BH15-PRO is a full wrap 15 gallon insulated drum heater utilizing GreenHeat Technology. Effective heating from 0°F to 145°F with adjustable thermostatic controller for pinpoint temperature control.The...
$835.38 $695.00