KwiKool's KIB2421 2-ton portable air conditioner offer powerful cooling to industrial and commercial spaces like restaurants, offices, hospitals, and server rooms. 23,500 BTU's, 230V / 20 Amp.The KwiKool KIB2421 230V...


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KwiKool's KIB2421 2-ton portable air conditioner offer powerful cooling to industrial and commercial spaces like restaurants, offices, hospitals, and server rooms. 23,500 BTU's, 230V / 20 Amp.

The KwiKool KIB2421 230V is a durable industrial portable AC perfect for cooling server rooms, offices, restaurant spaces up to 800 square feet.

This 23,500 BTU portable air conditioner is proudly made in the USA and features an internal pump for continuous operation. Its ceiling ducting kit is required to easily vent warm air into your drop ceiling.

Its large 5-gallon external condensate tank allows for hours of use before it needs to be emptied. Its float assembly will automatically shut off operation once the water level gets close to full. An alarm will also sound at this time.

Even more impressive is its condensate pump. An internal condensate pump offers up to 20-feet of pressure, which is ideal for continuous applications. A .25-inch condensate line runs to the nearest drain. Generally, this line runs along the path with the ducting, then across the ceiling to a drain up to 150 feet away. Use this method for long term, continuous use.


  • Heavy-DutyConstruction: A hammercoat protective finish and insulated, galvanized cabinet allow for optimum durability, efficiency, and quiet operation. Large, locking casters also make it easy to wheel into place and remain stable once you get it where you want it.
  • Control Panel: Turn this air cooled KwiKool model on and off, adjust its temperature, select a mode (fan or cool), and choose between C/F display.
  • Protection: An internal overload circuit prevents overheating during operation. There are also pressure switches that cut off operation if temperatures get too high or too low. This avoids over-working the machine and causing operation issues. Lastly, it also turns off if an obstruction is detected and pressure is too high.
  • Continuous Operation and Internal Pump: For long-term operation, use the internal condensate pump to lift moisture up and out of the unit and into a drain up to 150 feet away. Alarms and control board notices tell you if the tank is full, and operation is automatically stopped.
  • Large External Tank: A 5-gallon external condensate tank collects moisture as it cools for short-term use. It's easy to remove and empty as needed. When the tank is full, operation will cut off. An alarm will sound and a control board message will appear.
  • Powerful & Adjustable Cooling: Its maximum airflow for the evaporator is 600 CFM and 950 CFM for the condenser. A powerful direct drive fan pushes cool air into your space, and you can adjust the vents to direct air where you need it. Use it in any indoor environment between 60° and 110° degrees F.


  • Air Filter: Catch unwanted particles from your air as it cools.
  • Auto-Restart: If you were to lose power, it will turn back on to the previously programmed settings once power is restored.
  • Six Foot Power Cord: It allows you to place your industrial portable AC exactly where you need it. It also wraps easily on the back of this model.
  • Long Condenser Hose: The hose can be extended up to 35 feet.
  • Standard Voltage: This air cool model plugs into a standard 115-volt outlet.
  • Adjustable Vent: Adjust airflow directly where you need it.
  • No Negative Air Pressure: Most portable ACs create negative air pressure as they cool, since some room air is used to cool down the unit as it cools. KwiKool uses a 2-way ceiling duct kit to cool down the unit to avoid this problem.
  • Want to Direct Cool Air?: Add the KwiKool KDC-24 Air Chute Kit to direct cool air where you need it. It comes with 2 adjustable air chutes for pointing cool air to specific areas.


GTIN 814491016798
Dimensions 20 7/8" W x 41" L x 43 1/8" H
Manufacturer KwiKool
Heat Range 60° to 110°
Watts 2500W
Amps 20A
Volts 230V
Warranty 1 Year
Certifications ETL Listed