There are many reasons you might want to heat the contents of your storage barrel or drum. You may need to quickly bring the contents of a drum of Honey or Molasses to a temperature where it can be poured for mixing. You may be in the business of using gear oil and without heat the contents may be too viscous to pour.

Heat Authority has many different types and styles of drum and barrel heaters. We have heaters that fit 1, 5, 15, 30 & 55 gallon buckets and drums. These heaters are available in 120 & 220 volt options.

In a recent post on a car forum one subscriber asked about heating gear oil so he could add it to his trucks differential. The question was “…it’s bitter cold here 7°. I need to add oil to my front differential. I’m wondering about using my microwave to heat the oil?” Well, as you might imagine he got a lot of answers, most trying to dissuade him from putting such rank smelling oil in his microwave. I particularly liked one response…”might make your popcorn and burritos taste funny for a while”.

The best way to avoid more grief than you can possibly imagine is to say no to the microwave and purchase one of our Powerblanket or ProMAX drum & bucket heaters. They are built for the job. Safe to use on all sorts of materials and most importantly will not damage the contents of your drum by overheating and scorching.