Cold weather concrete curing is made possible by using our electrically heated and insulated curing blankets. These blankets provide the right amount of heat to drive away the dangerous and damaging effects of cold weather.

Powerblanket & CureMAX Curing Blankets work well in ALL types of situations and conditions. These blankets can he used flat horizontally by placing them on the finished work to help keep the concrete from freezing and will not allow the moisture to evaporate too quickly allowing for proper curing condition. These blankets can also be installed vertically to warm stem walls and masonry work. The warming effects produced by these heated blankets will help cure the concrete or masonry work more quickly and still protect from the cold to prevent damage that could result in structural failure.

The secret is to make sure the blankets make good solid contact with the item or work you are heating. Be sure to remove anything between the blanket and the surface you want to heat to produce the optimal effect. Things like wood, insulation, plastic pipes, etc. that do not conduct heat well will take away from the effectiveness of the blanket. Added insulation on top of the blanket will help to produce even warmer temperatures. The wind is often times a cause of real concern. Powerblanket & CureMAX blankets have grommets at each corner and around the perimeter so they can be staked or tied down to prevent the wind from getting underneath.

Don’t let cold winter days prevent you from getting the job done. Heat Authority has the tools to help you keep right on working even if the temperatures have dropped.